We believe nutrition is a key component to ensuring optimal health for those living with cancer

Many people diagnosed with cancer are keen to explore a range of strategies to improve their general health, happiness and well-being – nutrition is usually a key component of this plan.  Information on nutrition and cancer can be confusing and contradictory – misinformation and myths abound – necessitating the need to access services with an expertise in this area.

People require practical, accurate and the latest evidence-based nutritional information before, during and after treatment.  They need to understand the latest scientific research on cancer and how to make informed decisions about nutrition choices. This knowledge helps ensure optimal health, minimising risk of disease recurrence and allowing clients to live the life that they want. Common interests and concerns include:

  • Managing weight loss or gain
  • Loss of appetite, energy, and/or treatment related changes
  • Worries about what they should be eating and drinking
  • Advice to use when purchasing, preparing and eating food
  • Reducing cancer risk: scientific research versus myths about food and cancer; and
  • Achieving a varied and enjoyable diet, exercise, lifestyle balance and long term health.

For further information about the role of a Dietitian in your health care, the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) contains lots of helpful information.