HeadwayHealth@Haematology and Oncology Group Practice, Wahroonga, Fox Valley Rd, Wahroonga NSW 2076

SAH Wahroonga

The Integrated Cancer Centre, Level 2 Clark Tower, accessible via the Cancer Centre entrance, Level 2 car park. Car parking is available in the main P1 car park. The cost of parking is $5.00 which you pay at a pay station before returning to your vehicle. Bring your parking ticket with you to the appointment for validation.

The consulting rooms are located within the Northern Haematology and Oncology Group practice at Level 2, Clark Tower, SAN Integrated Cancer Centre. The Clinic is located in the Sydney Adventist Hospital at 185 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga. There is lift access. Parking is well sign-posted and available under the Clinic, on the hospital site or local streets. There is level access and disabled parking available on Level 2.

For any help locating the Centre on the day, please call (02) 9056 1100.  All other bookings and enquiries are managed through HeadwayHealth on (02) 9453 3027 or info@headwayhealth.com.au.

Please visit the Northern Haematology and Oncology Groups website to find about more about their cancer care services.