Telehealth is a fast growing and efficient way of delivering many aspects of health care in our communities. It uses advances in communications technology to increase access and convenience to specialist health care for those isolated through distance, transport and/or health limitations.

HeadwayHealth has developed a new telehealth service to improve access with our patients and offer services around Australia.  Our telehealth and telephone bookings are managed in the same way as in-room consultations so please contact us by telephone or email.

We offer telehealth appointments for clinical consultations as well as professional supervision to other health care professionals.

Telehealth consultations with a visual and audio voice link may be covered under Medicare for patients who live in certain rural or remote areas of New South Wales. We can help to understand if you are eligible under Medicare from your address or you can visit the following site:

You will require technology that supports a visual and audio link such as Skype or have access via your GP or health care centre. We can provide further information about our service to help meet your needs.

Please contact us to find out how our telehealth services may be able to assist you and/or your loved ones.