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Jo Marx, Program Facilitator of the Writing as Therapy course for those with an experience with cancer, and HeadwayHealth’s Dr Katharine Hodgkinson spoke on Evenings with Steve Price on Radio 2GB in June.

Cancer is often described as a “rollercoaster” and everyone needs to find their own ways of coping – different strategies will work at different times. Some people may have existing tools in place to manage the emotional journey or revisit strategies that have helped at other times of stress, for example, exercise, getting out in nature, or seeking support from others or community groups. For others, the diagnosis can be an opportunity to prioritise one’s self-care and explore new strategies or skills to enhance their well-being.  Many explore the role of relaxation or meditation and mindfulness skills, and the plethora of SmartApps and free online resources and video clips makes this easier than ever. Some people like to consider creative or artistic activities and Jo Marx Program Facilitator from “Its About Us” is offering an exciting new Writing as Therapy course. The program is designed to support those who have experienced cancer and will to be offered several times over 2019 at Sydney Adventist Hospital, Wahroonga (SAN). The 4 week workshop aims to enhance emotional and psychological wellbeing through writing as therapy using a tool developed specifically for patients with cancer. Patients will be guided through the writing sessions and will be shown how to use the digital tool to create a personalised and unique book about their cancer experience. At completion they will be provided with a complimentary voucher to print their customised book. It allows them to capture thoughts, feeling, emotions and download some of the poignant and personal elements of what they have been through. The program is free to patients thanks to the generous support of The SAN Foundation and Laing and Simmons.  HeadwayHealth are supporting the program with input into the course on emotional wellbeing.

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