We understand that the rapidly evolving health situation with COVID-19 is tough for everyone and there are particular challenges for those already living with health concerns and/or other worries. Feeling of stress and anxiety are being felt widely in our communities and we are keen to assist with our extended TeleHealth services.

Our range of services are continuing and our Psychologists are continuing to provide appointments however we are prioritising your health and support NSW Health’s social distancing recommendations to protect our community so changing how we deliver our care. TeleHealth allows you to have your appointment with us without visiting our rooms. It means you can safely access health care and communicate with your Psychologist and get the best health care advise to support your physical and emotional wellbeing. TeleHealth has been a fast growing and efficient way of delivering many aspects of health care over recent years and is ideally placed to help us connect at a time of such concern about community transmission of COVID-19.

TeleHealth uses advances in communications technology to increase access and convenience to specialist health care for those isolated through distance, transport and individual or community health challenges.

Our experienced team having been providing TeleHealth interventions to those living in regional and remote NSW for many years and we know that over a decade of research has shown excellent outcomes for TeleHealth interventions.

How Does it Work?

We will book your appointment in the usual way but we will “meet” each other via video conferencing or telephone rather than meeting in our clinic rooms. Many people are already familiar with using video conferencing methods such as Skype and Zoom to connect with family and loved ones. Our lovely administrative team will work with you to make this as easy as possible and will ask you for your preferred method of contact and try to answer all of your queries.

To connect with us you will need:

  1. A telephone, Ipad or computer
  2. Working camera and microphone
  3. The following latest version of a browser on your device:  Safari (for IPads and all Apple products) or Goggle Chrome (for all andriods and other devices).  If you do not have these browsers, please enter them into an internet search and download them for free before your appointment.

Please keep your telephone handy so that we can assist you with technical issues or switch to telephone if there are any connection problems so that your appointment isn’t interrupted.

We use a reliable and easy to use video conferencing to meet. You will not need to download any special software – you can just click on our link to enter our virtual waiting room.  Our virtual Waiting Room is located on HeadwayHealth’s home page on our website (green button on top right of screen) or found in our email signatures – just click onto our link and we will meet you in the waiting room at our appointment time!  Our service is powered by CONVUI which meets best practice Australian privacy standards for confidentiality and data security, and is provided by HealthDirect through Sydney North Health Network. We look forward to working together.

For more information explaining how TeleHealth with your Psychologist works please watch the following 6 minute video: :

We will send you the link for our virtual waiting room before your appointment, or please enter by simply going to this website Home Page and clicking the green button called WAITING ROOM.

Tips For Preparing For Your Appointment: We provide the following check list to help you make the best use of your appointment time:

  • Please ensure your technology is set up with sufficient battery charge on your devices or powerleads, a working camera and microphone, and that you have sufficient internet band width to proceed.  You may wish to test your computer, IPad or telephone equipment with a loved ones prior to the appointment..
  • Please ensure your devices are fully charged and you have a telephone close by.
  • Please find a private space to talk free from other distractions and ensure others know not to disturb you; if you have a busy household you may like to place a sign on the door or find peaceful place in nature or to sit in your car.
  • Please find a comfortable sitting position and have pencil and paper handy for writing notes.
  • You may wish to prepare with liquid refreshment (glass or water or cup of tea).
  • Information will be provided on what will happen if there is a loss of connection during the appointment as we take your health and wellbeing very seriously. This will include attempts to reconnect via telehealth or phone, or contacting next of kin or crisis services if we have reason to be concerned.
  • If for some reason an audio and visual connection is not possible, we will proceed with a telephone connection so our appointment can go ahead and we will try to problem-solve any issues for further appointments.
  • Our clinicians will often follow-up with notes or handouts to help you remember and consolidate the content of the intervention.

To make an appointment please call or email us in the normal way. If you have an upcoming appointment we will work out with you beforehand your preferred way of connecting with your clinician.

Our TeleHealth bookings are managed in the same way as in-room consultations so please contact us by telephone (02) 9435 3027 or email to arrange your appointment and discuss how we can help. We also offer TeleHealth appointments for professional supervision with other health care professionals.

We have developed a new flyer to help improve awareness of our TeleHealth services for clients (click here) and a new flyer to update our wide network of valued referrers about our ongoing services to share with their clients (click here).  Please contact us if you would like paper copies of these flyers to share or for your waiting rooms.

We hope you are able to take good care of yourselves and your loved ones, and we look forward to working together.