Jessica Medd

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Jessica Medd
Senior Clinical Psychologist
BA (Hons) Soc Sci, MA (Clin) Psych, ACPA

Jessica has over 20 years experience as a Clinical Psychologist, providing services to both men and women dealing with a wide range of emotional and health concerns. Jessica provides goal-focused interventions to help individuals or couples manage a wide range of emotional responses, including depression, anxiety, lifestyle changes and loss. Jessica has unique expertise in cancer, urological conditions and sexual difficulties, and is knowledgeable on the latest psychological and physical techniques to maximise functioning and quality of life. Her research and teaching interests have included managing emotions, sexual functioning and prostate cancer survival.

Jessica is a key provider of services to the Intimacy and Sexual Health Clinic at Headway Health. Concerns about sexual functioning are very common at different stages of our lives and can affect our general level of happiness and satisfaction in our relationships. General health, life stage, medical treatments, surgery and emotional wellbeing can all have an impact on functioning. Concerns may be associated with a lack of desire or changes in desire, menopausal changes, pain with intercourse, erection problems/ premature ejaculation, managing urological functioning, managing treatment side effects for localized and advanced disease, and changes associated with care for prostate, breast and other cancers. Sexual rehabilitation techniques may include information and support, and may cover the role of medicines, vacuum pumps and injection therapies. Treatments may involve collaboration with your GP or specialists in this area such as Urologists, Gynaecologists or Physiotherapists to provide the very best outcomes possible. For further information please see: Intimacy & Sexual Health Clinic Flyer, or contact us by phone or email.