Jane Freeman
Accredited Practicing Dietitian & IOC Sports Nutritionist

BSc Grad Dip Diet & Nutr, IOC Grad Dip Sport Nutr M Mgt, Cert Paed Nutr

Qualified Treatment and Re-Build Nutrition Plans 

When you are diagnosed with cancer, it can be genuinely hard to work out what and how to eat to help target your health, treatment and body shape needs. It is also easy to become confused by what can seem like a bombardment of unqualified recommendations, alarmist news headlines and conflicted google hits. 

This is where our specialist Dietitian (APD), award winning cancer book author and trained chef, Jane Freeman can help you. Well credentialed (APD, IOC Sports Nutritionist, Cert.Paed.Nutr, M.Mgt, NLP and Leith’s trained) Jane shares over 20 years experience, which includes working in hospitals, leading cancer clinics, charities and running nutrition workshops in Australia, London and Singapore. She was also awarded a prestigious British Medical Association prize for her book “How To Eat Well When You Have Cancer’.  

Jane will work with you to develop your own nutrition and meal / snack planner, that takes into account your specific type of cancer, treatments and any (re)-shape needs. She will also provide the resources and support that will help you manage.  After people work with Jane, they often often say how much they got out of the session and feel comforted by being able to re-work their diet, so that it is really helping them.  Jane is also known for specialist management of eating and gut problems. 

We encourage patients to organise an Enhanced Primary Care Plan with their GP or check with their health insurance provider regarding rebate options.