Committed to Bettering the Lives of those Affected by Cancer and Other Health Concerns.


Headwayhealth is a practice providing confidential counseling and support to clients dealing with a range of emotional and health concerns. We have a particular interest in the care of those dealing with cancer. In recognition of the concerns clients identify concerning diet and cancer, we are now offering a Nutrition and Cancer Clinic with an Accredited Dietitian.

Clinical Psychology Services
Everyone experiences various concerns at different times in their lives. How we deal with these will affect the nature and extent of the impact that they have on ourselves and those close to us. While you may have never previously imagined seeking counseling, past clients have found that accessing information and strategies to help deal with concerns can be very beneficial.

Cancer Services
The Clinical Psychologists at Headwayhealth have expertise in the care of individuals affected by a diagnosis of cancer. We see patients, family members and carers at various points of the care journey; this may be at the time of diagnosis, during treatment, or after the completion of treatment as people adjust to the impact on their life. Research evidence supports the effectiveness of psychological interventions on the quality of life and well-being of those dealing with cancer; the provision of emotional support in addition to the delivery of medical interventions is now considered “best practice care”. Click here for more information.

Nutrition & Cancer Clinic
Many people diagnosed with cancer are keen to explore a range of strategies to improve their general health, happiness and well-being – nutrition is usually a key component of this plan.  Information on nutrition and cancer can be confusing and contradictory – misinformation and myths abound – necessitating the need to access a service with an expertise in this area. Click here for more information.